Being Human Podcast

Season 1

In season 1, we joined Jo Frost and Peter Lynas for a conversation asking what does it mean to be human.
35 min
Season 1
#9. In Lockdown – Dignity
Being Human in lockdown; special edition. Peter and Jo are back! With a series of specials looking at the effects [...]
38 min
Season 1
#8. I’m only human after all
Jo and Peter, separated thanks to the coronavirus, chat through the series so far. Reflecting on some of the bigger [...]
36 min
Season 1
#7. Free speech
Through issues surrounding no platforming, cancel culture, Donald Trump and hospitality, Peter and Jo discuss many of the stories that [...]
40 min
Season 1
#6. Freedom, justice and jubilee
Jo and Peter discuss stories and ideas around the massive ideas of forgiveness, reconciliation, power and retribution. With a minor [...]
27 min
Season 1
#5. Freedom, liberalism and democracy
Jo and Peter geek-out exploring the critical role of the public square. From Reith lectures, through pelagianism, with a brief [...]
35 min
Season 1
#4. Freedom of religion, China and AI
Freedom of religion, China and AI. How does technology and the control of data affect our freedom? Peter and Jo [...]
34 min
Season 1
#3. Freedom and the attention economy
Peter and Jo discuss Facebook, Tinder, and data mining. They explore how we as followers of Jesus can seek the [...]
30 min
Season 1
#2. Love Island, dating apps and desire
How does Love Island or dating apps form, reform and deform our desires? What impact does that have on our [...]
28 min
Season 1
#1. Are you human?
Jo and Peter explore the meeting place between what our culture talks about in terms of being human and what [...]
Being Human Podcast Trailer
Join Jo Frost and Peter Lynas for a conversation asking what does it mean to be human. We will be [...]

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