Being Human Podcast

Join Jo Frost and Peter Lynas for a conversation asking what does it mean to be human. We will be chatting with several special guests about the different stories and experiences that form and shape us, exploring how we can ensure that it’s God’s story that ultimately defines being human today.

47 min
Season 5
#1. Elections, democracy and the rise of nationalism
Welcome back to season five! Jo Frost and Peter Lynas return, exploring what it means to be human in 2024. [...]
35 min
Season 4
#13. Season wrap-up
We have reached the end of season four! After a season of listening and learning from a variety of people, ideas [...]
44 min
Season 4
#12. Will van der Hart
Are we becoming more anxious as a society? And how can following Jesus build resilience in the face of increasing [...]
39 min
Season 4
#11. The Being Human book: why, how and what?
We take a break from the interviews for this one-off special episode marking the release of our co-hosts Jo and [...]
37 min
Season 4
#10. Justin Brierley
Is the tide turning on a belief in God? Are we witnessing a wave of curiosity towards the Christian story?  [...]
36 min
Season 4
#9. Diane Langberg
Many parts of the church are sick because so often it does not follow its Lord. How do we come [...]
36 min
Season 4
#8. Natalie Williams
Being a disciple of Jesus is not about becoming like the people around us, it’s about becoming more like Him [...]
41 min
Season 4
#7. Damilola Makinde
As Western culture becomes more and more secular, are we increasingly ‘living in exile’ as Christians? If so, how can [...]

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