Catch up on seasons 1 – 4. Head behind the headlines and hear from several special guests about the different stories and experiences that form and shape us.
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35 min
Season 4
#13. Season wrap-up
We have reached the end of season four! After a season of listening and learning from a variety of people, ideas [...]
44 min
Season 4
#12. Will van der Hart
Are we becoming more anxious as a society? And how can following Jesus build resilience in the face of increasing [...]
39 min
Season 4
#11. The Being Human book: why, how and what?
We take a break from the interviews for this one-off special episode marking the release of our co-hosts Jo and [...]


The latest news, views and opinions from the Being Human team
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Gen Z: we’ve forgotten how to connect
Do you have an ‘ex-best-friend’? Many of my peers are struggling to maintain close relationships – so how can we [...]
Romance is entering a new era. What might the church have to offer it?
The sun appears to be setting on the dating app era and culture is on a mission to re-codify love, [...]
Welcome to the chaos of 2024!
Crises, elections and ongoing wars: Peter Lynas looks at some of the biggest issues ahead, and asks, how we can [...]


Our six part small group course complete with study guide exploring what it means to be human.
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Session One: Image Bearers
Join Jo Frost and Peter Lynas on a riveting exploration of the cultural stories shaping the world we live in, [...]
Session Two: Significance
In this session, Jo and Peter explain how we tend to find our sense of significance in what we’ve achieved, [...]
Session Three: Connection
In this session, Jo and Peter explore the truth that we are created for connection. Connection is an essential part [...]

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