Gen Z: we’ve forgotten how to connect
Do you have an ‘ex-best-friend’? Many of my peers are struggling to maintain close relationships – so how can we [...]
Romance is entering a new era. What might the church have to offer it?
The sun appears to be setting on the dating app era and culture is on a mission to re-codify love, [...]
Welcome to the chaos of 2024!
Crises, elections and ongoing wars: Peter Lynas looks at some of the biggest issues ahead, and asks, how we can [...]
Reflections: why the Incarnation is the greatest revolution of all time
'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised': three ways in which the Incarnation is radically subversive to western secular culture and [...]
I’m fed up with MPs throwing insults – but can I judge them?
Home secretary James Cleverly got himself into hot water recently. He allegedly insulted Stockton-on-Tees following a question about the constituency’s [...]
Young adults are spiritually curious – just look at the ‘manifesting’ trend
Many young adults are ‘manifesting’ to try and control their future – but the God story offers a destiny beyond [...]
Fame, shame and the love of God: reflections on the passing of Matthew Perry
Matthew's personal story of vulnerability and struggles with addiction is also a common story of shame and fear. God’s love [...]
Being human in an AI world
God created us with a need for connection, and small acts of kindness and reaching out to others can help [...]
How to be human in a cost of living crisis
Four ideas about how to support those disproportionately affected by rising prices In the spring of 2020, as we bedded [...]
Why are we so obsessed with the multiverse?
What do the latest trends in pop culture tell us about the deeper questions people are asking today? I wonder [...]
What does it mean to be human and black?
The Child Q report and the racial discrimination with the refugee crisis in Ukraine is challenging us about the need [...]
What’s the point of my body?
When you look in the mirror, do you see the image of God? Put differently, what is the significance of [...]

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